Bringing a Pet

Here at On the Water in Maine, about 60% of our properties are "dog" friendly.  We are dog owners ourselves and know how important it is for our Guests to vacation with their pets.  It's important that you know that we only consider allowing DOGS at our Pet Friendly Properties - never cats*, monkeys, snakes, birds, mice, gerbils, etc.  This is an insurance requirement.  Please make sure to talk to us up front about your dog before booking a property with us.  You should really ask us before you start looking at properties to see what homes that indicate they allow dogs - have for approval criteria. 

Generally, we've found people are very responsible with their dogs and we love welcoming them - dogs deserve a vacation too!   Despite the strict way in which we present our pet policy, please understand, the Property Owners that allows dogs want to be able to accommodate all the dogs our Guests wish to bring and we have found that they can accommodate about 99% of them that people ask to bring.  For the most part, the dogs they allow are the types that won't bark or shed a lot. We don't like to allow heavy shedding dogs, like labs, because our worst shedding "incidents" have come from them.  

We will list on a property if the owner has pets in the property themselves at times it is not rented.  

Here are the basic "rules" regarding dogs we allow in our properties...

We do charge a $150 fee total for all dogs that stay in our properties plus a 9% Maine State Sales Tax.    We typically allow no more than 2 dogs per property and we charge one flat fee of $150 for both dogs if two dogs are permitted. 

  • Dog breeds generally not permitted in any of our homes include, but are not limited to Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Presa Canarios, Chows Chows, Doberman Pinschers, Akitas, Wolf-hybrids, Mastiffs, Cane Corsos, Great Danes, Alaskan Malamutes, and Siberian Huskies. This is an insurance requirement.

    We do have shedding concerns about Black Labs, Golden Retrievers, Berniese Mountain Dogs, Corgys and Newfoundlands.  In the past, we have seen Guests bring these dog breeds to stay in our rental properties and leave us with lots of pet hair to clean up.  We'll certainly consider any of these dog breeds if you want to discuss them with us.

  • Sorry, generally dogs under 2 years old are not welcome in any of our properties (another insurance requirement).  

  • At no times should a dog be left unattended in a vacation home or on the property grounds if their barking has the potential to disturb neighbors.

  • If approved by the Property Owner, we recommend that dog owners confirm with their insurance company that they have "Extended Liability Coverage" to cover insurance for the pet during the time period the dog is at the rental property. This may sound like a hassle, but really, it's quite easy. 

If you are thinking of getting a new dog before your rental begins, do not assume we will allow it in your rental property.  To review the Pet Addendum to our Rental Agreement, please click HERE.

We'd hate to see it happen, but should we discover a pet has been in the home without prior approval, or the dog the Property Owner permitted you to bring in the Pet Addendum of the rental agreement isn't the actual dog(s) you bring with you, we will charge a $300 fee for pest control, and a deep clean. The Property Owner most likely will also ask you to send the dog(s) to a kennel for the remainder of your stay. The Property Owner also may ask you to leave with no refunds if the violation is a blatant disregard to respecting the Property Owner’s property.

If you miss picking up after your pet, a $30 fee per incident is charged.  This may seem ridiculous - but really - the next Guest doesn't want to have to deal with your pet's waste.  There are shovels at most properties pets are allowed at - be sure to only toss waste deep into the woods or bushes surrounding the property.  Tie any waste picked up in bags securely if you deposit them in the trash.

Should you decide to not bring your dog(s), but have a signed Pet Addendum with us for any dog to come to the property, there is no refund if you don't tell us before the 60 day final payment date.  

* "Why not cats?" - We are often asked.  First, cat allergies in humans are about twice as common as dog allergies.  So - we are focused on the majority of our Guests who are far likely to have a cat allergy versus a dog one.  Doing turnover cleanings in the peak of summer, it is impossible to remove all pet dander from a vacation home in the short turnover time.   Second, our insurance provider says, "no".  Finally, since our company grows year after to year without the need to allow cats in our homes - we're okay saying "no".  Sorry.