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On the Water in Maine has been approved by the State of Maine to accept reservations and agrees to comply with the guidelines provided by the state which can be found, here. Updated and compliant certified as of 3.5.2021. 

Please check back here frequently as we will keep this page updated regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus and the most current On the Water in Maine policies and updates provided by Governor Janet Mills. Below is some information we hope will help you, your friends, and family decide what is best while planning to travel to Maine this summer. 

3/5/21: Governor Mills releases "Moving Maine Forward" Plan which allows visitors from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire to travel to Maine without getting Covid tested or quarantining once in Maine. States will be added dependent on the number of cases and vaccines administered.

 3/1/21: The latest information regarding the Covid-19 Vaccine in Maine can be found online HEREAnyone traveling into the State of Maine must sign a Certificate of Compliance and either receive a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of arrival, or schedule a test in-state and quarantine while awaiting results. Visitors may also choose to quarantine for the duration of their stay (1 night - 14 nights) in lieu of testing. For more information visit HERE. The checklist for short-term rentals is available HERE

11/1/20: NY, NJ and CT residents are no longer exempt without quarantining while in Maine or providing and negative test result if entering Maine per the Governor.

9/23/20: Residents of Massachusetts are now exempt from restrictions when traveling to Maine. Massachusett residents may freely travel to the State of Maine without being required to quarantine or receive a negative test before traveling to Maine. 

9/22/20: Anyone in the State of Maine may now receive a test without a doctors note/healthcare referral.

7/16/20: Guests may search for testing sites in Maine by inputing their zip code on the Covid Test Site HERE

7/1/20: Guests traveling from CT, NY & NJ are added to list of exempts states that may travel into Maine without receiving testing or required to quarantine once within Maine. 

6/19/20: Governor Mills has announced 'Swab & Send' which provides numerous test sites around Maine, map is HERE, that will provide test results within 24-48 hours of taking the sample and has asked visitors to quarantine while awaiting test results. More information is to be disculosed in the coming weeks. Read the full press release HERE.

6/8/20: Governor Mills released the plan for the 2020 summer, 'Keeping Maine Healthy', which can be found online, here. This plan would provide a couple different options for visitors coming into the State of Maine which would be confirmed via signing a Certificate of Compliance (awaiting the draft from the Mills administration). The first option would provide any guest coming into the State in Maine after July 1, 2020 to quarantine in their lodging establishment for the duration of their stay UP TO 14 days, meaning a 7-night rental would be permissible, but you would need to quarantine at the property and plan to bring provisionings for the duration of your stay (up to 14 days) unless from the states of NH, VT, or ME,  which currently have no restrictions. Governor Mills and DECD Commissioner Johnson defined the quarantine as not being able to come in contact with the public i.e. dining at restaurants or going to the grocery store. However, visitors are encouraged to enjoy outdoor activities including walking, hiking, fishing, riding bikes, swimming, and all water activities.

The second proposed plan would require all adults in your party to receive a negative COVID-19 test in your state of residence before crossing the border into Maine. You would be required to carry a copy of the negative test while in the State of Maine. You would need to receive the results of the test no less than 72 hours before traveling to the State of Maine. Further information as well as the Certificate of Compliance is scheduled to be released later this week. 

Visitors to Maine may be required to undergo symptom checks meaning visitors in high-traffic places in tourist destinations, such as visitors’ centers and beach parking lot entrances may be asked about their symptoms and to offer advice on staying well.

The full timeline as well as all press releases, mandates and the proposed re-opening plan for the State of Maine can be found online, here.

Please keep in mind not all newspaper, social media, or news reports will be accurate as new information is released. There has been much confusion in our State government the last few months while new reports and updates have been released by the CDC and at the Federal level while businesses (and news sources) have been left to interpret information.

We appreciate your patience while we've been navigating these unchartered waters and will respond to emails and phone calls in the order they are received. Our staff is working around the clock to provide accurate and clear information as well as speaking with 120 individual homeowners about the best plan of action for the safety of the On the Water in Maine employees, our beloved guests, appreciated housekeepers, awesome contractors, and welcoming communities.

An email is scheduled to be sent to all existing reservations booked with On the Water in Maine prior to 6/8/20 with available options regarding your 2020 vacation rental. Please be patient with us while we try to finalize details. 

Changes to reservations in 2020:
- Your available options regarding your specific rental will be emailed soon (6/8/20).
- On the Water in Maine staff, cleaners, and vendors will follow the cleaning guidelines for lodging outlined by the State of Maine and CDC which may be found, here.
- Check-in time is 6pm and check-out time is 9am to allow for additional time to clean and sanitize between reservations and allow complete aeration of the vacation rental.
- Guests will be required to make their beds upon arrival with pre-packaged, professionally ozonated, sheets and pillowcases if staying in a home that OTW cleans, if an owner or their cleaner, beds might be made with owner linens. Bathroom and kitchen towels will be provided as well.
- There will be no magazines, brochures, or paper materials provided in the rental per CDC guidelines. Please plan accordingly by visiting Chamber of Commerce sites and googling town and information prior to arriving.
- Grocery provisioning and planning social distancing activities or take out from restaurants can be arranged with our partner, Vanessa with Your Maine Concierge
- If you are vacationing in the Penobscot Bay Region (Belfast to St George), Craft Delivery Services is available for grocery pick up, restaurant take out, and other specialized deliveries.