Dear Guest,

On the Water in Maine is committed to remaining transparent and providing all the information and options so you can make the best decision for you and your family. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

Below is the cancellation policy and indemnification clause as it appears in our 2023 Rental Agreement. If you decide to book with On the Water in Maine, you are agreeing to adhere to the following policies:

Section P: Indemnification:  The undersign understands the following: the OWNER OR OWM will not be liable to GUEST for events beyond OWNER’s control which may interfere with GUEST’s occupancy or ability to Re-Rent, including but not limited to acts of God, acts of governmental agencies, bans, terrorism, fire, strikes, war, criminal acts, inclement weather, mandatory evacuation of area, power outages, pandemics/epidemics, endemics, outbreaks, and construction noise from nearby sites. If you, your family, or guests contract an illness prior to or while on vacation you will let OWM know immediately, but refunds will not be given. If there are quarantine and/or travel restrictions mandated by the GUEST’s state of residency or by the State of Maine that GUEST is not willing to comply with and/or will suffer legal ramifications or be in direct opposition of government mandates or agencies, GUEST understands the cancellation policy under Section U will be followed and a Re-Rental must occur to receive a partial refund. Rental weeks cannot be moved to another date unless GUEST wants to take on the financial responsibility of both rental periods until one can be Re-Rented and then Section U. will be followed.


Section U: Cancellations: All cancellations by GUEST must be made in writing and received and acknowledged by OWM on behalf of OWNER.  If GUEST cancels this Rental Agreement after it has been signed by GUEST and returned to OWM, there is a cancellation fee of 100% of the Grand Total which amount shall be reduced only in the event that OWM is able to re-rent the Property for the Rental Term (hereinafter referred to as a “Re-Rental”).  For a Re-Rental of the same amount of Rent as set forth in this Rental Agreement, all amounts paid by GUEST shall be refunded to GUEST less a cancellation fee of 10% of the Rent, and all of the Processing Fee (12% of Subtotal) which will be retained by OWM (totaling 22% of the grand total depending on added amenities).  For a Re-Rental for an amount of rent less than the Rent, all amounts paid by GUEST shall be returned to GUEST less the difference between the Rent and the Rent for the Re-Rental, a cancellation fee of 10% of the Rent, and all of the Processing Fee.  (If GUEST initiates a Cancellation before the final balance is paid, they are still obligated to continue paying the final payment on the due date.)  Any refund to GUEST will not be made until after the Check In Time for the Re-Rental and all amounts for the Re-Rental have been paid. This cancellation policy is strictly adhered to so GUEST is encouraged to consider purchasing travel insurance that will cover GUEST in certain situations as set forth in the policy should GUEST need to cancel this Rental Agreement.  If the OWNER is forced to cancel this rental agreement, the OWNER will do so in writing and will provide a full refund to the GUEST within 7 days of the cancellation through OWM (The Owner can’t cancel without justifiable cause for example, if the rental dwelling burned down, property was sold, or the septic system failed.  It is OWM’s duty to ensure the validity of such a situation should it occur).  Once cancelled in writing, GUEST cannot take their rental week back without a new written notice to OWM and only if the Property is still shown as available on the calendar for the Property on its listing page.

With this in mind, we strongly suggest checking into travel insurance to protect your vacation investment. We do not sell travel insurance through On the Water in Maine as we believe that should be a decision made based on your tailored needs and research. We do recommend contacting 
Generali or Allianz to find the best plan, but also encourage you to research other companies nationally or locally. Please keep in mind, you will have 5 days after booking to review our rental agreement and contact a travel insurance company with questions before signing and paying 50% of the reservation. 

We look forward to continuing to provide memorable Maine vacations with On the Water for many years to come. 

Meg, Tiffany, Kim and Tara