Property Watch Services: (not available in all areas of the State)

In addition to offering rental services, we also offer property watch services for the absentee homeowner. We only provide the following services to homeowners that rent their home with us.  On the Water in Maine Inc. is insured as a "Residential Property Manager for Non-Owned Properties" by Tudor Insurance Co. of Keene, NH.  Limit of Liability is $1,000,000.  We offer the following services on a one-time basis, monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly frequency:
* Visual inspection of property interior and exterior

* Drain pipes and winterize homes

* Non-Priority Snow Removal (to keep the driveways clear)

* Inspect for water leaks

* Verify door and window security

* Check heat and all thermostats

* Water plants

* Visually inspect for evidence of pests

* Check for vandalism

* Retrieval of mail, newspapers, flyers

* Verify lawn / plowing service being performed

* Check property drainage

* Run all taps and faucets, flush toilets (if water in operation)

* Inspect after a storm

* IMMEDIATE reporting to the home owner of any issues found
Charges for these services vary.  Contact us  for more details and pricing.

Other services we offer for additional fees are...

*  Build, install, and remove docks, floats, dock ramps, and moorings.

    *   Organizing plowing

    * 24/7 Alarm Contact Person

    * Lawn/Garden Water

    * Power Washing

    * Packing/Storage Home Contents

    * Accepting Deliveries / Shipments

    * Airport Pick up & Drop Off

    * Seasonal Opening / Closing

    * Errands & Personal Services

    * Start & idle vehicles