Bayside Village

Here at On the Water in Maine Inc, we have a very special interest in what we believe is a truly rewarding vacation destination for you and your family or friends. We offer many properties in this classic Maine coastal village, and we are excited about all of them!

Bayside, while officially a part of the town of Northport, is a unique Village within a Town that has its own village government, utilities, and budget. Officially known as the Northport Village Corporation, Bayside was originally settled as a Wesleyan summer campground at which members of the faith gathered annually and erected sturdy tents to serve as camps and meeting places. Over time, the tents were gradually replaced with more permanent structures. Many of the quaint Victorian cottages still standing in the village today date from the late 1800s and the early 1900s.

Down East Magazine did an article on Bayside in April of 2004 that we highly recommend that you read. Click HERE to view the article (2 MB file in PDF - slow to download).

Having been built on the footprints of the original tent sites, the homes are stacked side-by-side throughout the village, lending the community its strong sense of connectedness and contributing to the camaraderie shared by visitors and residents alike.

While only a short distance from coastal Route 1 which runs the length of the state, Bayside remains a well-kept secret; a small hamlet that takes one back to a simpler, uncomplicated time. There are no shops in Bayside, but there is no shortage of things to do in and around the community. The focal point of the Village is Ruggles Park which includes the Town Pier, a small playground, basketball court, and the Northport Yacht Club. If you are lucky enough to be in town on and around the 4th of July, youll be able to enjoy the annual childrens activities in the park, a community band concert, and the traditional bonfire on the beach.

Lots of people come to Bayside to relax and escape the daily grind, but if youre in the mood for a bit more activity, you wont be disappointed:

* Sailing in the protected waters of Penobscot Bay is not to be missed. If youre up for a little friendly competition, come down to the wharf on a Saturday or Sunday when the Northport Yacht Club holds their summer race series chances are youll find a sailor looking for crew.

* Kayaking is a popular pastime, and kayaks can be rented from a near-by outfitter.

* Small public parks are located throughout the village, many of them right on the ocean. Pack a picnic lunch or just hang out and enjoy the refreshing ocean breezes.

* Theres nothing like a brisk swim in the Atlantic, and the town pier offers the ideal place to take the plunge. You can jump from the pier during high tide, or use the swim float or the beach for a less dramatic entry. A lifeguard is regularly on duty during the summer months.

* The Northport Golf Course, a public, 9-hole course borders the village and is within easy walking distance of most of the village. * Feel like a hike? Follow Bluff Road up Mt. Percival and then take a short hike through the woods on the Mt. Percival Preserve to the summit.

If youre not in the mood to cook, there are numerous restaurants in Belfast, just four miles to the north, and in Lincolnville and Camden just a short drive to the south. Shopping, antiquing, museums, state parks, and Acadia National Park all make ideal half-day or day trips from Bayside.